Our Consent Policy for Filming and Photography

Purpose of Consent: By agreeing to this policy (the “Release”), you are authorising Nine Dots Development Limited to use and disclose recordings of virtual workshops in its distribution of catch-up videos which are distributed amongst Nine Dots Developments Learners and for staff training purposes. It may also cover marketing and public relations efforts and acknowledge that the recording or other additional photography may be distributed to the media, other individuals and entities that may be involved in Nine Dots Development's marketing and public relations efforts and the public.

Right to Revoke: You have the right to revoke this Release at any time by giving us written notice of your revocation and submitting it to the Marketing Department (marketing@ninedotsdevelopment.com) . Please understand that revocation of this Release will not affect any action Nine Dots Development took in reliance on this Release before receiving your revocation.

Consent to Release

By agreeing to Nine Dots Development's purpose of consent, l hereby authorise Nine Dots Development to copy, exhibit, publish, distribute or otherwise use and disclose virtual recordings and photographs for purposes of distributing catch-up recordings, training staff, publicising its services and products, for any other marketing and public relations efforts or for any other lawful purpose. They may be used in internal distribution across learners, printed publications, multimedia presentations, on websites or in any other distribution media. I understand and approve the disclosure by Nine Dots Development's recorded images to the media, the public and other individuals and entities that may be involved in Nine Dots Development’s marketing and public relations efforts.

I agree that I will make no monetary or other claim against Nine Dots Development for the use of filming or photography. I waive the right of prior approval for the use of the recordings/photograghy and hereby release Nine Dots Development from all claims for damages of any kind based on the use of my recordings/photograpghy or information provided within the recordings. I understand that any  information once disclosed may be re-disclosed by the recipient, and this re-disclosure may no longer be protected by law of the state.

I understand that signing this Release is voluntary. I am at least 18 years of age and am competent to contract in my own name. I have read this Release before agreeing and I fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this Release.